Agriculture Development

The committee's goals are:

  • To assist in the success of the Land Reform and BEE for the benefit of all role players and agriculture in totality.
  • To promote economic units and sustainability in terms of land reform
  • Document the services that farmers already offer to their workers
  • Keep track of laws and interpret effect on land acts
  • Keep farmers informed of BEE developments, document success stories
  • Support Land Forums of the Agri Forums with bargaining of land tax
  • Integration with farmers' associations and monitoring of at least one emerging farmer by region, with the cooperation of commodity and banks

The committee will keep members informed on:


  • Database: Follow the leadership of AgriSA on national database, keep provincial database, Promote and process information, maps, deeds, Municipal roles, etc.
  • Food security: assist DGS/DAFF to sustainably establish new farmers as soon as possible
  • Coordinate the provision of agricultural land under members


  • Assist farmers on whose farms land claims have been handed in with advice


  • Assist farmers with tenure problems with advice
  • Assist to influence policies in terms of farm dwellers



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