Farming Management

With Farming Management, FSA seeks to keep farmers informed about information with regards to market trends, risks, opportunities and threats in the industry.

The goal is:

To collect, process and distribute the correct information for financial, sustainable agriculture and assist our farmers with strategic decision making.


1. Review Acts and Bills (Government gazette review)

a. Competition commission

b. Companies Act

c. Consumer Protection Act


2. Evaluate National economic policy

a. Minister Patels - National Plan of Action 

b. Minister Manuals - Vision 2020

c. Agricultural sector plan

d. BFAP analyses ( 

e. NAMC analyses (

f. AgriBusiness Chamber reports and newsletters 

g. Protein Research Trust, Maize Trust, etc. 

Action: Attend AgriSA Commercial Committee and give feedback to committee 

Post document, summary and analysis of above on website


3. Evaluate Provincial Economic and Agricultural policy and plans

a. Mohoma Mobung 

b. Provincial Growth and Development Strategy - Free State Vision 2030

Action: Involvement in strategy planning session with Prov. DARD

Seat on the Provincial Economic Advisory to the Premier


4. Liaise with commodity associations 

5. Liaise with Agri-Business (Co-ops)


6. Liaise with Agri-divisions of Banks


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