Rural Safety Committee

As part of Agri SA's structures, the committee focuses on:

  • Implementation of Rural Safety Plan;
  • Providing an information service as part of efforts to prevent farm attacks, stock theft and organised crime;
  • To establish better cooperation between the committee and government departments;
  • Interaction with police station on ground and cluster levels as part of efforts to establish better levels of service delivery:
  • Liaison with communities after incidents on farms;
  • Establishment of a safe rural environment;
  • Interaction with the SANDF and SAPS in terms of actions along the Lesotho border;
  • Effective communication/transparency on all levels (government departs and members)
  • Joint coordination in terms of representation at/attendance of SAPS Imbizos, etc. (Costs/productivity, ect.)


Communication plan Free State Agriculture: Safety Representative

·Free State Agriculture's district and regional representatives on ground level must be the eyes and ears of Free State Agriculture;

  • Effective cooperation with the SAPS, other role players and the rural community must be promoted;
  • Communicate all necessary information to the VKB/FSA Safety Desk;
  • Where possible, coordinate informers;
  • Be involved with contingency plans, communication plans, crime and other issues on ground level;
  • Ensure that farmers report a crime and monitor the SAPS investigation where possible;
  • Safety representative can also be a reservist;
  • Address lack of involvement and negligence of the agriculture community.
  • Communicate all information to the Free State Agriculture regional/district representatives by means of cell phone or information note;
  • Organise crime prevention actions in cooperation with the SAPS;
  • Joint operations of the SAPS and organised agriculture can be organised on regional, provincial and station level as part of crime prevention efforts;
  • Ensure that the contingency plan is kept up to date and that it is regularly implemented as part of practise runs;
  • Give feedback to agriculture communities;
  • Attend meetings of agriculture communities on ground level;
  • Ensure that rural sectors function;
  • Be informed in terms of available information to answer member's enquiries/questions.


Free State Agriculture District Municipality Regional Safety Representative


  • After information was received from Free State Agriculture's safety representative on ground level, inform the chairperson of Free State Agriculture as well as FSA's office;
  • Attend the Law and Order meetings of Free State Agriculture on provincial level;
  • Attend SAPS joint Provincial Rural Safety Committee meeting;
  • Be informed about incidents/events/actions in the region;
  • Give feedback to safety representative.


Law and Order Committee


  • Coordination of all information and actions of safety structures;
  • Attend meetings with SAPS on provincial level;
  • Inform and advise the President and Executive Management of Free State Agriculture in terms of all relevant information.
  • Give orders to the VKB/FSA Safety Desk;
  • Organise workshops with the SAPS in regions/districts of interest (budget);
  • Act within the framework of the budget;
  • Forms part of the Lesotho border committee as applicants.


Information Service Free State Agriculture


  • Operate an information service in cooperation with the VKB/FSA Safety Desk and SAPS;
  • Gather information and liaise in terms of possible farm attacks in the Free State;
  • Provide information to clients and members of Free State Agriculture;
  • Clients and members are the following:

The person/s under threat on ground

Free State Agriculture - Rural Safety

Agri SA - Pretoria

SAPS - ground and provincial level

  • Liaise and communicate information to the chairperson of the Law and Order Committee and the district municipality representatives;
  • Organisation of protection services in cooperation with the SAPS;
  • Manage the VKB/FSA Safety Desk;
  • Liaise with farmers and other government departments like the SAPS, National Intelligence, SANDF and Disaster Management staff as well as others;
  • Attend committee and other information meetings where necessary;
  • Give feedback to the Rural Safety Committee in terms of operations.



  • Organised agriculture is involved with pro-active and re-active actions on ground level to attribute to their own safety;
  • Ensure that the relevant knowledgeable persons are appointed as agriculture safety representatives;
  • The establishment of safety committees on ground level;
  • All actions, pro-active or re-active, must take place within the legislative framework;
  • Ensure that an agriculture leader/reservist, sector, leader/reservist and safety representative/reservist is chosen;
  • Encourage other members to join as reservists;
  • Sectors and sections will differ between districts and each area must decide on its own how the amount of sectors and sections;
  • Sector policing bill boards can be erected in rural areas;
  • A selected support group can be implemented to assist the threatened person and SAPS;
  • Main goal of sector policing is to prevent crime as part of a partnership with the SAPS;
  • Local air division has great value and must be activated in cooperation with the SAPS;
  • Right of access boards must be erected;
  • Be involved with the GPD and Rural Safety meetings;
  • Recruit experts with relevant experience as regional/district safety representative/s;
  • Raise awareness of crime;
  • See Free State Agriculture organigram in terms of liaison.