Newsletter – March 2018 - New mobile app helps members with safety

New mobile app helps members with safety 

Free State Agriculture (FSA) recently launched a new security application called Die Plaaswag for its members, farmers and the public.

According to Gerhard Kriel, Chief Executive Officer of FSA, the application or app, of which FSA is a partner, has a panic button and will improve the safety of farmers and the public. It was developed by a technology company Piri and costs only R24.99 per month, of which FSA also gets a percentage.

"It also gathers accurate crime statistics that can help FSA fight crime in the Free State," says Kriel. All incidents that are loaded on the application are submitted to FSA. Dr Jane Buys, Safety and Risk Analyst at FSA, will analyse the stats on a weekly basis to identify emerging threats.

Kriel says the application is not just for farmers. Any member of the public can download it and it can also be used in cities and towns. It can also be downloaded for a trial period.

According to Buys the application is linked to a control room. An alarm, which is pre-assigned to 25 numbers in a structure like an agricultural association, is activated on your mobile phone. It also gives the group of people the GPS coordinates of the activated alarm and quickest route to the person in distress.

"Additionally, it also provides for the loading of crime incidents on agricultural land, and you may also request to get notifications of all other crimes in your area in a certain radius, for example from 10-200km," says Buys.

You can also let the control room follow your whereabouts via your mobile phone when you are traveling.

According to Buys, FSA made a presentation about the app to AgriSA on 12 March 2018, and it was very well received by all provincial affiliates.


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