Farmers stand together after Tokologo fires


9 January 2018

Free State Agriculture (FSA) is sorry to hear about the losses suffered by farmers in the province and will do everything in its power to assist in the coordination of assistance where needed.

This is according to Gerhard Kriel, Chief Executive Officer of FSA, after fires in the Tokologo district caused a lot of damage to grazing of farmers over the weekend. FSA will make use of its established structures such as agricultural associations to assist farmers and connect them with those who pledge assistance.

A fire, which originated 5 km outside Boshof on the road to Dealesville, burned a lot of grazing in the vicinity of Boshof, Dealesville and Hertzogville on Saturday. According to the Free State Umbrella Fire Protection Association, approximately 77 000 ha have been burned down. A strong wind also contributed to the spreading of the fire.

"Several farmers and independent suppliers have already provided feed aid. We will also redirect further assistance to farmers," Kriel said. According to him FSA structures will determine where the need is and provide assistance.

The manner in which farmers have already stood together is also noteworthy. Several have already opened their hearts by providing and supporting those in need with feed. Farmers from the Bultfontein area also helped to fight the fires on Saturday.

FSA would like to thank everyone who assists it in this regard.


For donations and receiving of feed, contact Tania Groenewald, Secretary of Agri Hertzogville, at 082 562 2985

For media inquiries, contact Gerhard Kriel, Chief Executive Officer of FSA, at 082 050 1444