Annual Congress

The highest authority of Free State Agriculture is vested in the annual Congress. The executive management is elected out of the Congress and it consists of the President, Vice-president and regional representatives from all 20 municipal regions. The executive management also includes representatives of several affiliated agricultural businesses and industries. The executive management of Free State Agriculture is the highest authority when the Congress is not in session, but it reports to the Congress.

The Congress is hosted annually and it is attended by voting delegates of all the agricultural associations, regional councils, operating committee members and co-opted members from each region elected separately by a majority one member who must be a delegate as regional representative to serve for a term of two years in the executive committee. A report of the past year’s functions and duties fulfilled as well as audited financial statements for the past financial year must be presented to the Congress.

Current affairs are discussed at the Congress and speakers who can speak on the theme of the Congress are invited to attend.


Free State Agriculture’s Congress aims to culminate all activities of the organization and it is thus the showcase for agriculture in the Free State. The event is also used to acknowledge the Agricultural Association of the Year as well as the Regional Representative of the Year. Honorary awards are presented during the evening function of the annual Congress.