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Who is Free State Agriculture?

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Our committees are focused on and actively takes part in the following fields:


Meer oor die organisasie

  • To improve safety on farms.
  • To inform, train and advise members on labour issues (minimum wages, workers contracts, etc.).
  • To support farming management by regularly keeping you informed about market trends, risks, opportunities & risks in the industry.
  • To be continually involved with rural and local government in the context of rural development.
  • To investigate the risks that mining and mineral rights could have for the agriculture industry.
  • To support young farmers and incorporating them within the community of organised agriculture.
  • To improve infrastructure (roads & licenses, telecommunication and energy) in rural areas to promote agriculture.
  • To assist members strategically to reduce risks in terms of disaster management and emergency aid by managing it organised within structures.
  • To improve communication within rural areas by making technology more accessible and affordable for farmers.
  • To assist with social economic development of rural communities.
  • To meaningfully promote land reform and BEE in terms of commercial agriculture's involvement.
  • To promote the image of the organisation by:
    - by liaison with members about agriculture issues during annual regional meetings;
    - to culminate all activities of Free State Agriculture in the Annual Congress - A showcase for agriculture in the Free State;
    - to regularly share valuable information in terms of the agriculture industry by means of the website, e-newsletter and SMS's.


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