Newsletter February 2016 - Renewal of fire arm licences (Act 60 of 2000)


Renewal of fire arm licences (Act 60 of 2000)

The SAPS sent a national notice to all provinces at the end of January 2016 in which they focus on the provisions of Fire Arm Act 60 of 2000 according to which every fire arm owner is obliged to renew their fire arm licence. It was again highlighted that a renewal application must be handed in at the Police 90 days before the existing licence expires.

Applications handed in during the 90 day period will be considered if reasons are supplied for the late application. Licences will remain valid until the outcome of the late application is communicated to the licence holder. “Green licences” that are under the interim court order of the SA Hunters Association remain valid.

Where a licence has already expired and the licence holder did not apply for a renewal, the licensee is in illegal possession of the fire arm and it must be handed in at a Police station, as a person in possession of an unlicensed fire arm can be criminally liable. Such a licensee can possibly also hand in the weapon at a fire arm dealer who can “buy” or “keep it in storage” (with possible costs) after which the owner can hand in a new application for a licence at the SAPS. The most important aspect of renewal is that fire arm owners must keep to the law, which stipulates that renewal applications must be handed in at the Police 90 days prior to the expiry date of their current licences.