Newsletter February 2016 - Applications for drought assistance


Applications for drought assistance 

Free State Agriculture (FSA) wants to explain the process whereby our structures distribute feed for drought assistance to farmers and farmer’s associations. A very detailed and transparent process, that includes proper recording of facts, must be followed to enable us to approach role players for funds, water, feed and humanitarian assistance on an ongoing basis. FSA’s Disaster Fund, as well as the funds we receive from Agri SA’s Drought Relief Fund, are managed very strictly.   

Application forms are available from all farmer’s associations, and a farmer’s application must be handed in to FSA by the farmer’s association. (Read more.)

The application must then be approved by FSA’s structures, after which feed must be sourced and funds must be organised for the transport there off. FSA communicates with all farmer’s associations on an ongoing basis, requesting that all possible applications must be communicated to FSA as soon as possible. Forms can be handed in to the office every Wednesday by 12:00, and they must be filled out as indicated.  

We invite our members to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages where we regularly share information of where feed that was facilitated by our structures, was delivered. Our deepest gratitude to all who form part of these efforts as well as for the feed and transport donated.