Newsletter February 2016 - Expropriation Bill and land ownership ceilings


Expropriation Bill and land ownership ceilings 

Expropriation legislation and statements with regards to land ownership ceilings by Pres. Jacob Zuma in his State of the Nation Address have ensured many a headline during February 2016. On 2 February 2016 the Expropriation Bill was submitted to the National Assembly for consideration after months of deliberation by the Portfolio Committee on Public Works.

Although Agri SA is concerned about some of the amendments that have been made to the bill, like the proposed definition for “expropriation”, the organisation says other amendments are positive.  One such amendment is that in calculating compensation, the trauma caused by the property being taken without consent can now be factored in if there are good reasons to do so. 

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FSA would also like to share some articles with our members about the bill and what they need to know. 

Agri SA also reacted sharply on Pres. Jacob Zuma’s statements on land ceilings during his State of the Nation Address on 11 February 2016. Read more here.