Newsletter February 2016 - Vehicle and driver licence renewals


Vehicle and driver licence renewals

The Department of Transport halted all notices for vehicle licence renewals without warning. This has led to many vehicle owners been fined for applying for renewals late. Although the department has been sending out notices in this regard for a very long time, legislation determines the onus is still on vehicle owners to ensure that a vehicle licence is renewed in time.  

Free State Agriculture (FSA) would thus like to encourage our members to note their licence renewal dates in their diaries, so that they can remain informed about when it should be renewed. Also remember to have all documentation on hand when you visit the licencing offices.

Since the last quarter of 2015 everyone who renews licences, vehicle or driver’s licences, have to present a proof of residence before they can pay for the renewal. We would like to remind our members to ensure that they have the right amount of cash on hand to pay, as many rural licencing offices do not have card facilities available.  

The issue of notices for licence renewal as well as the department’s suspension of the use of their yellow fleet to maintain roads are being taken up with government provincially and nationally. The yellow fleet’s services were apparently suspended due to budget restraints until April 2016. We will keep you informed on the situation.