Prof. Mohammed Karaan se gesprek tydens die 2014 Asuf kongres

Geskep op 08 Mei 2014



Prof Mohammed Karaan

Prof Karaan se ervaring van die afgelope 2 weke:

On what should agriculture focus:

  1. We have to fix Land Reform – Need land to tell a story. 20% of land quickly transfer.
  2. Securing the water for agriculture. Agric uses 54% water – save water – water saving techniques – water need to be used!
  3. Agricultural Policy and Advocacy - work with Government. Government cannot decide alone where Agric should go and operate. Better for the market to operate than be regulated by Government
  4. Agricultural research NB
  5. Agricultural Colleges – revitalise
  6. White farmers are / must be part of the future – they need to teach us how to farm. Be aware of racial devide and opportunitism. Bevoegdheid – need effective institutions not more policies
  7. Unity of ASUF should not be left here. Currently only cosmetic. Moet van grondvlak ASUF opbou – laagste vlakke opbou. Nuwe neiging (Agriculture RSA)


Be careful for:

  1. Opportunism – verwagting / expectation
  2. Favouritism – talent en bevoegdheid is NB
  3. Incompetence – remove mistrust amongst each other
  4. Domination one over the other
  5. Collective interest in Agriculture must dominate
  6. Stay out of politics – Agriculture dominating factor


Do the right things now