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7 000 sheep without grazing after Boshof fire

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7 000 sheep are without grazing after almost 30 000ha were destroyed during a runaway veld fire in the Boshof / Dealesville area yesterday, 20 May. Numerous pieces of livestock and game were also burnt to death.

Dr Jack Armour, commercial manager of Free State Agriculture, says that the strong wind that occurred in the area on Thursday made it difficult to control the fire. The fire was finally stopped by about 8pm Thursday night.

“After discussions with the various agricultural associations, we can confirm that the biggest needs at present are feeds for sheep for the various farmers who have lost all their grazing. As it is lambing season and many sheep have been burned, special formulas must also be provided for the lambs.” says Armour.

Armour confirms that Free State Agriculture, in collaboration with Sernick feeds, will make 30 tons of feed pellets available to bring immediate relief. It will be administered by the FSA office and allocation of feed will be coordinated by the local agricultural associations to affected farmers.

A thorough assessment of the damage and losses will be done over the weekend and will be discussed with affected farmers during a meeting in Boshof next week. “The fire has now taken place with the arrival of winter, which means that there is a long season ahead for fields that have been destroyed,” says Armour.

Any organisation or individual that wants to make a financial contribution for future needs can do so through the FSA’s disaster fund at:

Free State Agriculture


Account nr: 470940670

Branch: 632005

Reference: DISASTER + cell number

Those who want to donate directly to the relevant fire association can do so at:

Dealesville fire protection association


Account nr: 62034338435

Branch: 241038

Reference: May fire + cell number