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Constitutional amendment: EFF & ANC impasse can be overcome

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The highly publicised political impasse between the EFF and ANC over the constitutional amendment to Section 25 should not cause citizens to let their guard down. According to Free State Agriculture (FSA) president, Francois Wilken, it is not uncommon in the South African political arena for political parties, even alliance partners, to vehemently oppose one another on an issue but then decide to join forces later.

“The EFF and ANC do not differ on principle when it comes to expropriation without compensation, but only on method. We should be weary of the possibility that the ANC and EFF might overcome their semantic differences and so obtain the 66% parliamentary majority required to change Section 25”.

If the 18th Constitutional Amendment is passed, it will establish the principle for zero compensation for expropriated property – i.e., nationalisation. In addition, through the principle of state custodianship, the state will establish hegemony over expropriated property. “If these amendments are read in conjunction with the proposed expropriation bill (that will allow the state to target any asset), the full intent of policy makers become clear”, Wilken said.

Wilken highlighted that the ANC and EFF could still join forces well after the August 13th deadline for public comment on the Constitutional Amendment has expired. It is therefore paramount that citizens and organisation that oppose the amendment ensure that their voices are heard before or on 13 August.

Free State Agriculture, on behalf of its members and supporters, will make its formal objection to the proposed 18th Constitutional Amendment. “We call on all who believe in freedom, the free market and the protection and expansion of individual private property rights, to oppose the 18th constitutional amendment to Section 25 of the Bill of Rights”.

The public can support this FSA campaign on its website at the following link: