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Firearms Control Amendment Bill is an attack on the right to life

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“Self-defence is recognized by all legal systems. Where a choice has to be made between the lives of two or more people, the life of the innocent is given preference over the life of the aggressor. This is consistent with section 33(1). To deny the innocent person the right to act in self-defence would deny to that individual his or her right to life.”

This Constitutional Court ruling, by former Chief Justice Chaskalson, forms part of Free State Agriculture’s (FSA) comprehensive comment on the proposed Firearms Control Amendment Bill, which was already submitted.

In its comments (attached), FSA argues that the Firearms Control Amendment Bill (the Bill) would:

  • In practice places a limitation on firearm license application.
  • Decrease the number of firearms and ammunition a firearm owner may possess.
  • Criminalize the possession and utilisation of reloading equipment.
  • Further increase the difficulty in obtaining a firearm license whilst the insufficiency and shortcomings of the existing process is not addressed.

It is the opinion of Free State Agriculture that this Bill is an unwarranted attempt to significantly increase the difficulty in owning a legal firearm and at the same time drive a disarmament agenda.

The utilisation of illegal firearms by criminals will not be solved by this Bill and the apparent narrative that legal firearms are the elephant in the room, is a complete misrepresentation. “If promulgated, the Firearms Control Amendment Bill will ensure a safer environment for violent criminals to operate in. Therefore, this Bill cannot be seen as anything but an attack on the right to life of law abiding citizens”, says FSA President, Francois Wilken.

Anyone still wishing to support FSA’s campaign against the proposed Firearms Control Amendment Bill, can visit FSA’s website