Free State Agriculture (FSA) is every member who chooses to become involved in his local agricultural community by joining an active agricultural association.

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Free State Agriculture

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With pride we represent the farmers and the communities of the Free State, seeing challenges as opportunities, regardless of the trials we face every day. 

We are steadfast in our faith and although we are open to persuasion, we remain anchored in our view that we, with our self-accepted and assigned responsibility, will fulfil our duty with perseverance and pride, regardless.

Our new image is young and dynamic, the voice of reason, a planner, balanced, approachable, assured, proactive, and proud. Always striving, onward and upward. 

An opportunity, for yourself, to get involved with creating a sustainable environment where advice, knowledge, information, and values, within a stable and working structure, can be shared. Where we, with Christian family values, serve and support one another. 

Our hope in the future is built on ownership, integrity, unity, leadership, insight, patience, servitude, dedication, and blatant honesty. Because we understand the importance of agriculture, we realise that what we do today affects our heritage. 

Through His grace we stand, regardless.