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Hennenman protest – Crime moving to rural areas

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Free State Agriculture (FSA) expressed its gratitude to the Hennenman Farmers’ Association, the community of Hennenman and surrounding towns and the public for their support during the protest action against farm murders in Hennenman on Monday 16 November. The organization is convinced that the manner in which the protest action took place is gaining confidence and support for the farm murders campaign, given the enormous amount of support FSA receives from the public. The suspects chose not to apply for bail and remain in custody. FSA also welcomes the appointment of a team of experts to investigate farm murders and attacks in the Free State.

Tommie Esterhuyse, vice-president of FSA, has high praise for the farmers’ association and community of Hennenman for the way in which the protest action was handled. “There were no incidents of violence, the site was left clean and everyone adjourned peacefully. The order arrangements by the farmers’ association went smoothly and FSA is proud of the event. ” said Esterhuyse after the day.

A petition drawn up by FSA requesting that no bail be granted to the suspects was handed over to the public prosecutor on Monday. Thanks to pressure from FSA and the agricultural community, the suspects chose not to apply for bail. FSA welcomes the development, especially in light of the fact that the accused are already linked to other crimes in the area. The organization also welcomes the appointment of a team of experts to investigate farm murders and attacks in the Free State.

FSA has launched a petition inviting the public to support those who oppose bail to farm murder accused. To support FSA with the petition, a person can simply SMS his name to 37846 / R1 (b & v’s apply).

Bennie de Klerk, safety coordinator in the Hennenman area, mentioned to FSA that the Hills murders once again emphasised the issue of your own safety. “We realized that we had to look at our own safety situation with different eyes. That is why the farm guard is in talks with the neighbourhood watch to see how we can work together to better secure the rural area here. ” said the de Klerk.

Esterhuyse supports the idea and believes that it is time for farm guards and neighbourhood watches to work closely together, especially as it is clear that crime activities are increasingly shifting from the city to the rural areas.

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