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Resistance to corruption, poor service delivery and expropriation needed

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“Resist corruption, poor service delivery and imminent expropriation of assets by taking control of your immediate environment and circumstances”. This was the message of Francois Wilken, president of Free State Agriculture, to farmers during the organization’s virtual congress in Bloemfontein.

The Kwazulu-Natal riots, crumbling infrastructure, unsafe environments and deteriorating socio-economic conditions indicate that the situation in South Africa is deteriorating. “Farmers must realize that these problems can no longer be solved by the state. The government is clumsy and unorganized and is clearly more interested in what they can appropriate for themselves “, Wilken believes.

Wilken emphasized that the agricultural community must see the opportunities in the current environment. “The withdrawal of the state offers communities the opportunity to take practical control of their environments.”

Regarding the economic circumstances, Wilken stated that South Africa will have to think differently about the economy. He believes that there is simply no more room for racially motivated social experiments such as BEE, affirmative action and land expropriation. “These policies only lead to corruption, job losses and undermine social cohesion. The country’s economy is being held hostage by the redistribution obsession and it is the unemployed who are paying the price for it.”

Wilken stressed that the time had come for the public to stand up, shake hands and build up. “Do not wait for someone else to change things. It is time that we (agriculture) stand up and are no longer kicked around and threatened by ideologies and populist statements.”