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Community members from all over the Free State are furious following another car accident on the R103 between Warden and Vrede in which a young teacher and two truck occupants died last Friday.

“The government’s arrogant and indifferent attitude can no longer be tolerated. How many more lives must be lost before the government acts? ” says Francois Wilken, president of Free State Agriculture.

Wilken believes the department of roads should be held accountable for the accidents, due to the negligence to adequately maintain and repair the roads where necessary.

According to Johann du Toit, a school principal in the Memel area and one of the first people on the scene during which the three people died last Friday, the communities of Memel, Warden and Vrede are tired of talking.

A WhatsApp group led by Du Toit, sketches the story of the communities’ fear of using the roads and thousands of rands worth of damage to vehicles due to the terrible decay. The three communities are in the process of setting up a committee that will discuss various actions, such as a petition, to demand action from the department.

Meanwhile, Francois Wilken encourages the public to make use of the claim procedure and claim form for damage to a motor vehicle, as provided by the Department of Roads. He also requests that a copy of the completed document after submission to the department be sent to Free State Agriculture at for record purposes.

“We can not just sit back and accept things as they are and remain silent. It has long been time for the government to take note of communities’ unhappiness. We will continue to put pressure until there are results.”