Stop the Expropriation Bill

Help Free State Agriculture (FSA) to stop the Expropriation Bill.

The new Expropriation Bill seeks, among other things, to create a framework where expropriation of assets without compensation can be made possible. This bill allows the state to potentially seize any property (not just land). In its current form, the bill must be stopped.

Following the previous public parliamentary participation process which was completed on 28 February 2021, the public again has the opportunity to comment on the latest form of the bill before or on 6 March 2023.

Help Free State Agriculture stop this Expropriation Bill in its current form.

Stop the Expropriation Bill
I hereby wish to confirm my opposition to the Expropriation Bill and support Free
State Agriculture’s efforts to stop the Expropriation Bill.

I, the undersigned view this as my individual and separate input to the parliamentary process regarding the Expropriation Bill. Furthermore, I consider the following as unacceptable aspects of the bill and as a risk to my civil liberties:

  1. De-facto state control of all property (Clause: 3)
  2. Municipalities will have the right to apply and regulate this law (Clause: 1)
  3. Expropriation in “public interest” is broadly defined and as such implies that any reason can be used for expropriation. (Clause: 1)

My position on the legislative issue regarding property rights include the following:

  1. I agree with FSA and reject any amendment to section 25 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (No. 108 of 1996) or any current similar bills of which FSA is of the opinion that such amendment may have a negative impact on any form of private property rights. At the same time, any expropriation of any form of private property without compensation is completely rejected.
  2. Like FSA, I support future-oriented, economically sustainable agricultural development that aims to pursue the expansion of the agricultural sector as well as food security to the people of South and Southern Africa.
  3. I agree with FSA that the state, commercial banks, and other financing institutions must establish financing models that provide full title to all new entrants to agriculture.
  4. Property rights must be expanded to be accessible for all South Africans. The Expropriation Bill diminishes and threatens property rights.

FSA’s five-point action plan:

  1. FSA will take part in drafting the detailed written submission in collaboration with AgriSA and our members.
  2. FSA will mobilise the public to stop the Expropriation Bill.
  3. FSA will formally present to parliament the submissions from all members of the public that signed this memorandum.
  4. FSA will actively take part in the public hearings following the period for written representation.
  5. FSA will oppose any legislation that may have a negative impact on any form of property right, or expropriation of any form of private property without just and equitable compensation.