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Tired of poor service and dilapidated roads!

This is why farmers in the Allanridge area this morning, May 10, 2022, blocked the S-86 with pickups and trailers to demonstrate their displeasure with the Department of Roads due to the department’s inability to repair the R-30.

The R-30 road near Allanridge, already known as the “road of death”, has been extremely dangerous for some time after above-average rainfall occurred in January and February and made the road impassable.

“The traffic of the R-30 is now being forced onto the S-86 and this poses a danger to not only the public but also the farmers and their workers.” says Rudi Jansen van Vuuren, a farmer from the area.

“It is harvesting time and tractors and harvesters are moving on the road. Certain motorists drive very carelessly and we want to prevent anyone from getting hurt. It also does not make sense for the department to force people on an 18 km detour route while they only have to repair 400m (on the R-30). ”

Meanwhile, Dr Jack Armor, commercial manager of Free State Agriculture (FSA), says that the organization has been trying for some time to meet with the Free State Premier on the roads issue in the province, but that no response or feedback has been received.