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Riots show why the firearms Bill should be stopped

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The public is once again called upon to comment on the Firearms Control Amendment Act, says Tommie Esterhuyse, vice-president of Free State Agriculture (FSA), after the organisation’s written comments were submitted by e-mail on 21 July 2021.

The recent events in Kwazulu-Natal as well as Gauteng in particular, together with President Ramaphosa’s recognition on national television on 16 July 2021 that the state was unprepared to address the large-scale looting and damage to property, once again emphasized the right to self-defense. In this respect, it was in many cases civilians from all cultures who were always the last barrier between large-scale looting and destruction in their communities.

This is indicative of the importance of the public’s ability to act in self-defense, and in that respect the proposed amendment seeking to remove firearms licensing for self-defense purposes does not make sense at all. “This is just one of the many proposed amendments that are out of touch with the realities of the current crime situation in South Africa and are contained in the comments submitted by Free State Agriculture with regard to the proposed amendment act.” says Esterhuyse.

There is time until August 2, 2021 to submit written comments. FSA has made a campaign page available for submissions against this law. The submissions made on this page will be handed over to parliament. The website can be visited at