Fire disaster fund

Help our farmers back on their feet after devastating veld fires in the Free State

South Africa’s rural area is suffering after devastating fires. This disaster has an impact on food production and has a devastating effect on the economy in the affected areas.

We need to assist these communities. That is why Free State Agriculture has established a disaster fund. The Free State Agriculture Disaster Fund ensures that the aid gets out quickly and directly where it is most needed.

You can help Free State Agriculture to get these farmers back on their feet.

Complete the form below to donate and Free State Agriculture will contact you.

I hereby support Free State Agriculture’s disaster fund campaign to make rural areas more resilient and to provide disaster relief as soon as possible.
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Free State Agriculture’s five-point action plan for resilient rural communities and immediate and targeted disaster relief:

  1. Training: Training of and support for disaster management representatives at each agricultural association.
  2. Prevention: Negotiations at local government level and with state departments to ensure the state fulfils its duty in terms of disaster prevention, and by writing and compiling disaster plans that each municipality should have in place.
  3. Mobilisation: Ensuring that disaster representatives have the necessary equipment to effectively prevent disasters, and to be able to communicate effectively and deploy the right structures quickly during disasters.
  4. Emergency assessment: Prompt approval of the necessary funds to set up disaster needs assessments in accordance with the provisions of FSA’s policy on natural disasters
  5. Coordination of assistance: To channel and manage donations responsibly so that funds can be made available quickly.