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Will FS roads be repaired before the coming rainy season?

Close up of a road in very bad condition with big potholes full of dirty rain water pools
Close up of a road in very bad condition with big potholes full of dirty rain water pools

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Free State Agriculture (FSA) is cautiously optimistic about the recent announcement by Mr William Bulwane, Free State MEC for police, roads and transport that ‘millions have been allocated for the repair of battered roads in the Free State’.

Francois Wilken, president of FSA, says that the organization has met with the MEC several times and written to demand action. Finally, in May 2022, FSA presented the Premier, me Sisi Ntombela, with a memorandum in which FSA demanded the provincial government’s immediate action on roads across the province.

“This announcement is the result of sustained public pressure by our organization. However, actions speak louder than words and we will monitor the progress critically.” says Wilken.

However, it remains unclear when the necessary repairs to the province’s road infrastructure will begin. “The risk is currently that a good rainy season over the holiday period will cause further damage to the Free State’s road network even before the initial damage could be repaired”.

All eyes must now be on Mr William Bulwane to ensure that the critical list of roads is repaired. “Our hope is that the provincial administration will ensure that the allocated funds will be used correctly and will not ‘disappear’”, says Wilken.

Free State Agriculture will continue to put further pressure on the Provincial government to also repair the other roads in the province.