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FSA will oppose nationalization of land through custodianship

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“The EFF’s call to place all land under custodianship of the state is nothing other than nationalisation and should be opposed and stopped by all means.” This is the reaction of Free State Agriculture (FSA) on the suggestion that the draft bill to amend Section 25 of the Constitution should be revised to include ‘state custodianship’.

The recent request for postponement by the committee tasked with amending the Constitution to clearly stipulate Expropriation without Compensation and finalize their report confirms the reason for the strong position taken by Free State Agriculture (FSA) with our Stop Expropriation campaign!

“State custodianship will afford the state the power to nationalise the country’s land without any compensation.” says Francois Wilken, president of FSA. “This is not only against the best practices of international law, but will also mean the downfall of our economy and by implication the country as a whole! It is the biggest conceivable threat to food security and will also completely destroy our country’s economy, as no investor will consider South Africa.”

Wilken mentions that at a fairly recent FSA congress, the mandate was very clearly given to FSA by its members that “no one will take land from any farmer without fair compensation for it“. Free State Agriculture will therefore oppose this in all ways.

According to Wilken, “we will throw everything into the fight to stop it – we must now face reality.”